Make work better through kindness

Ditch the overwhelm, embrace growth, and thrive in work and life with powerful stories, insights, and tools

Hi, I’m Magnus, creator of #WorkKind.

#WorkKind was created because we want to make a positive impact through our work but many of us struggle because of the challenges of work, including stress, overwhelm, poor work-life balance, and negative impacts on our wellbeing. Most people don’t make the connection between self-kindness and working better. Because you’re reading this, you’re clearly open to the idea.

The core idea of #WorkKind is that when we work with more kindness to ourselves, work is better for us and the organisations we work for.

And when we lift ourselves up through kindness, we inspire others to do the same.

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The Why for #WorkKind


Our core reason for doing this

To inspire and foster everyone to be kinder to themselves and each other to create a more purposeful and positive working life.


Our actions and methods

We’re creating movement called #WorkKind that makes working with kindness synonymous with thriving at work, and business as a force for good.


Our products, services and impact
For both individuals and organisations alike, we do this through stories, ideas, science, practices, and tools on how to work with more kindness.

This is the promise of #WorkKind

Thrive at Work

Work can make you well.

  • Get less stressed, less often
  • Manage overwhelm
  • Beat burnout

Elevate Performance

Unleash your potential.

  • Align your energy and get into flow more often
  • Make your time more alive
  • Improve relationships

Unleash Creativity

Only you can do what you do.

  • Do better, more impactful work
  • Discover untapped creativity
  • Broaden your creativity

World-class training

Looking for world-class training material to help you make a breakthrough in how you work?

Let’s face it: you don’t have time to read loads of books, stacks of content online, and watch hours of videos. Life is going to get in the way, you’re going to stumble, fall, pick yourself up again, and carry on.

#WorkKind is so much more than the regurgitated personal development tropes, vanilla career advice, and wellbeing tips it’s all too easy to find online.

#WorkKind starts with 30-day course of ideas and challenges based on principles, practices and tools; followed by access to a learning hub; plus a supportive community of people all committed to: Work better, live more. #WorkKind

I designed #WorkKind to fit with your work and life, to give you results fast, and to grow with you.

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“I read it because I’ve been in very unkind workplaces and think working kind is the only way to work.”

Sustainability Manager, Publishing Industry

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